Poor DNS performance can negatively affect your business. Many businesses today invest in developing complex websites and state of the art applications. The power and capability of such technologies can be undermined if they are facilitated by a weak or inadequate domain name service.
Utilising the best IP Anycast DNS management service will serve to benefit your digital brand. Intermittent downtime, poor functioning DNS and slow speeds all can be detrimental to your website but also to your brand identity and equity.

All businesses require fast, reliable, and secure DNS Anycast services to quickly direct end users to their website. Without a stable and responsive service your business risks loosing existing customers. dotNice provide the complete spectrum of services needed in Enterprise DNS Infrastructure Management.

Globally responsive service – With dotNice as your DNS provider you will have access to hundreds of name servers within an integrated global network

Fastest resolution response time – We use authoritative name servers on an IP Anycast network. This will greatly benefit your domain’s SEO and help boost traffic to your site

24/7 DNS availability – Ensuring 100% uptime Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Security – Comprehensive protection against DNS forgery & falsification (DNSSEC)

Defence – Against DDoS attack, spoofing or cache-poisoning attacks

Top quality customer experience – We promise sub 30 milliseconds response times in Europe and the US

Complete IPv6 support – On all name servers

Instant DNS server updates – This guarantees that our servers operate optimally at all times

Having a reliable, high-performance DNS system in place is critical to your businesses success. dotNice provide the most advanced DNS infrastructure available in todays market with top-notch anti DDoS protection.



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