New gTLD: .SEX

There’s a new gTLD in town, and get ready because it is a big one. Since last week, it is possible to register .SEX domains at registrars. With this new addition, ICM Registry, who operates already the same theme domains .XXX, .ADULT and .PORN, takes control of a new and lucrative TLD.

With over 300 million searches for sex-related topics a month (this is, approximately, the 30% of the total internet traffic), sex has become the most searched topic of the web and adult-only websites one of the biggest revenue generators. That’s not really a surprise, if we consider that most of internet user are adults and a high proportion of them consume, at some point, adult material. Given this, there’s no doubt that the demand for more virtual space for the adult industry will keep growing. The creation of this new top level domain .SEX, arrives in order to fulfil this insatiable demand.

However, it is expected that not only pornography and adult related sites will get use of this domain name. Also health and safety related websites and educational sites can benefit from it. Sites promoting safe sex or websites about sexual education can find in dot sex an effective way of reaching new audiences while facilitating the identification of these informational sites for users.

But… what does .SEX mean for the big brands out there?

Basically, loads of headaches. .SEX is a very appealing domain for those engage in Cybersquatting. So in order to protect their brand and avoid the misuse of the brand name by third parties, this companies need to be fast. And not only companies need to be careful with this, also individuals can also be considered as a ‘brand’. Let’s think about Taylor Swift, who not so long ago purchased and in order to protect her name and brand. A good Digital Brand Protection strategy is essential nowadays.

So, with over 4.000 dot sex domains presold, we have to wonder, how many of them were actually bought by non erotic related big companies.

dotNice – experts in digital brand protection
For more information email: brand

The online brand protection company unique partner in Italy for the simplification of administrative procedures in the Russian register by Italian companies

Rome/Moscow, December 4th, 2014 – dotNice official Trusted Partner in Italy of RU-CENTER. With this agreement dotNice, the italian brand protection and brand reputation company projected on the international markets – also thanks to the support of its Dublin-based sister company – in business for over 18 years, confirms its leadership in providing services with higher added value aimed at an highly efficient and cost-effective protection of trademarks online.

“This partnership makes Russian top-level domains closer to Italian market,” says Andrey Vorobyev, RU-CENTER Head of PR&GR. “With strong business relationships between the countries it is essential to provide convenient tools for names’ registration Italian companies need for successful business in Russia.”

“It is with great pleasure – says Alessandro Bucci, CEO of dotNice – that we announce this partnership with RU-CENTER. The agreement we have recently signed will significantly simplify the administrative procedures on the Russian domain names for the Italian companies by providing ease of access, greater efficiency and lower costs.”

The RU-CENTER representative office in Italy is ready to fully support both the actual holders of domain names registered in Russia – providing all the domain names related services and operations, as renewals, transfer of rights, data modification, change of registrar, cancellation of services – and those who wish to register new domain names with the .ru extension.

dotNice contacts:

dotNice Italia srl
Piazza del Popolo 18
00187 Rome – Italy
Ph: +39.06.874461
Fax: +39.06.87446000

Afnic has published the new naming policy for domain names under the .fr, .pm, .re, .tf, .wf and .yt ccTLDs which comes into force on December 8, 2014.
The main changes in the registration policy are:
As announced on 8 October 2014, registration of .fr domain names only consisting of one or two character(s) is authorized from December 8, 2014.
The opening is scheduled in phases, with a precise timetable.
The opening is only applicable under the .fr TLD and none of the other country codes managed by Afnic: .pm, .re, .tf, .wf or .yt .
The creation of a registry lock option. Holders may ask their registrar to benefit from this option which prevents any intervention on the domain name without obtaining the prior confirmation of the registrar and/or the holder of the domain name.

More information are available here

AFNIC is the French Registry for the .fr (France), .re (Reunion Island), .yt (Mayotte), .wf (Wallis and Futuna), .tf (French Southern Territories), .pm (Saint-Pierre and Miquelon). AFNIC is also positioned as a provider of technical solutions and services for registries and registrars. AFNIC (the French Network Information Centre) comprises public and private stakeholders, including government authorities, users, and Internet service providers (Registrars). It is a non-profit organisation.

Eurid, the company behind .EU extension, announced that it will be among the key players at SMAU ,which will take place at FieramilanoCity in Milan, Italy, from Wednesday the 22nd to Fridan the 24th of October,2014.
You can read the press release after the jump :
“EURid will be among the key players at SMAU which takes place from Wednesday the 22nd to Friday the 24th of October 2014 at FieramilanoCity in Milan, Italy.
With over 50,000 expected visitors and a highly anticipated workshop and conference programme, SMAU is Italy’s biggest event featuring the most innovative national and international ICT, digital brands and solutions over a three day period.
EURid will be promoting .eu as the obvious choice for start-ups and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) aiming at extending their operations beyond national borders and taking full advantage of the European market.
At SMAU, EURid will be proud to showcase the success story of ‘Save the Dogs and other Animals’, a volunteering association committed to the protection of animals and the promotion of a culture that recognizes that animals have rights too. The team behind will join EURid staff at stand A14 to present its activities and initiatives.
The objective is to raise awareness about the Internet as a place where private citizens and associations alike can make their voices heard. EURid also wishes to show the importance of corporate social responsibility through this initiative.
For a very long time, being socially responsible has been a top priority for the .eu Registry, which is particularly committed to environmental sustainability. EURid is the first domain registry in Europe to become registered by the EU Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS), a goal achieved in 2012.
The team from EURid will consist of External Relations Manager Giovanni Seppia, the Liaison Manager for Italy Chiara Panichi and EURid’s Marketing Coordinator Daniela Medda, all of whom look forward to welcoming those participating and attending SMAU at their stand.”

The .is (Iceland) registry ISNIC has suspended a domain name due to being linked with the terrorist organisation Islamic State.
The domain was suspended yesterday as it was used “for the website of a known terrorist organisation. The majority of ISNIC’s board made the decision … on the grounds of Article 9 of ISNIC’s Rules on Domain Registration, which states: ‘The registrant is responsible for ensuring that the use of the domain is within the limits of Icelandic law as current at any time.'”
Never before, the registry notes, has ISNIC suspended a domain on grounds of a website’s content.
ISNIC head Jens Petur Jensen told Iceland’s media that this was the first time they had suspended a domain because of its content.
“We have no experience with this… we have always pointed out that it’s none of our business. That the Islamic State had their domain under ‘.is’ was something we feared because of the abbreviation,” Jensen said.
According to New Zealand’s Stuff website “documentation for the web listing shows it was registered to Suite 4551, 17B Farnham St, Parnell, Auckland. Its owner is described as Azym Abdullah.”
“On the New Zealand Companies Office listings, the suite is the registered office for at least 63 companies, including a number that have been struck off.
“Under New Zealand’s company system, registration can be done online with virtual offices providing a legal entity for mail drops.
“It is not the first time New Zealand virtual offices and shell companies have been caught up in international security.”, the spanish registry, has started an initiative with the aim to improve the quality of the database because the registry has detected a series of “.ES domain names with incorrect data. Thus, we are obliged to implement the following changes as part of their data quality improvement strategy. The modifications will be introduced on August 11, 2014.

The following data must be submitted for every domain name contact:

  • DNI and NIF (Spanish)
  • NIE (not Spanish)
  • Other ID

Furthermore, a new organization type will be implemented in order to qualify the type of organization. Please find a list of the valid organization forms and registry codes here:

  • 1 Individual
  • 39 Economic Interest Group
  • 47 Association
  • 59 Sports Association
  • 68 Professional Association
  • 124 Savings Bank
  • 150 Community Property
  • 152 Community of Owners
  • 164 Order or Religious Institution
  • 181 Consulate
  • 197 Public Law Association
  • 203 Embassy
  • 229 Local Authority
  • 269 Sports Federation
  • 286 Foundation
  • 365 Mutual Insurance Company
  • 434 Regional Government Body
  • 436 Central Government Body
  • 439 Political Party
  • 476 Trade Union
  • 510 Farm Partnership
  • 524 Public Limited Company
  • 525 Sports Association
  • 554 Civil Society
  • 560 General Partnership
  • 562 General and Limited Partnership
  • 566 Cooperative
  • 608 Worker-owned Company
  • 612 Limited Company
  • 713 Spanish Office
  • 717 Temporary Alliance of Enterprises
  • 744 Worker-owned Limited Company
  • 745 Regional Public Entity
  • 746 National Public Entity
  • 747 Local Public Entity
  • 877 Others
  • 878 Designation of Origin Supervisory Council
  • 879 Entity Managing Natural Areas

‎The new regulations will not apply for new domain contacts only but also for existing domain contacts.