The .is (Iceland) registry ISNIC has suspended a domain name due to being linked with the terrorist organisation Islamic State.
The domain was suspended yesterday as it was used “for the website of a known terrorist organisation. The majority of ISNIC’s board made the decision … on the grounds of Article 9 of ISNIC’s Rules on Domain Registration, which states: ‘The registrant is responsible for ensuring that the use of the domain is within the limits of Icelandic law as current at any time.'”
Never before, the registry notes, has ISNIC suspended a domain on grounds of a website’s content.
ISNIC head Jens Petur Jensen told Iceland’s media that this was the first time they had suspended a domain because of its content.
“We have no experience with this… we have always pointed out that it’s none of our business. That the Islamic State had their domain under ‘.is’ was something we feared because of the abbreviation,” Jensen said.
According to New Zealand’s Stuff website “documentation for the web listing shows it was registered to Suite 4551, 17B Farnham St, Parnell, Auckland. Its owner is described as Azym Abdullah.”
“On the New Zealand Companies Office listings, the suite is the registered office for at least 63 companies, including a number that have been struck off.
“Under New Zealand’s company system, registration can be done online with virtual offices providing a legal entity for mail drops.
“It is not the first time New Zealand virtual offices and shell companies have been caught up in international security.”